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organized work place

organized work place


Organizing Space

At-Capacity Professional Organizing Services, LLC recognizes that with most organizing challenges, clients are clear about what needs to be done. The challenge, however, is usually related to how it needs to be done. A common grievance from clients is “I don’t know where to start”. Having a degree in psychology and extensive industry training and experience in lean processes, Rubina brings a wealth of knowledge, understanding and process based expertise to space organizing. With this, Rubina applies the “SPACE” process as defined by Julie Morgenstern in her book “Organizing From The Inside Out” to provide the structure needed to successfully execute an organizing plan.

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Organizing Information     Organizing Transitions

Information Organizing    Organizing Transitions

Sorting is the first step and consists of cleaning out ALL the items in the space and sorting them into like categories.  This process allows you to see everything you have and group them together in a logical way without having to worry about where it will ultimately be stored or used. 
Purging can sometimes happen simultaneously with the Sort process if the decision is simple and straight forward. Oftentimes, however, you need to see everything you have before making decisions as to whether or not you want to keep it. Purge decisions include: Trash, Donate, Recycle, Consignment, Sell, etc…

In a business environment this is synonymous with eliminating waste in the value stream. 

This is the step where we make decisions as to where and how will you be storing the items that remain following the purge process. This includes decisions about placement (finding the best home for the item) and recommendations for product purchases if applicable.

In a business setting this could include the physical relocation of assets.

This is when you actually see it come together. We place your belongings in the physical locations and containers decided upon during the “Assign a home” step. The space or container chosen provides physical boundaries for the items and acts as a tool to help manage the space going forward.  
This step relates to maintaining the space. We will establish a process and frequency for maintaining the space. 
Residential Specialties
Every type of space offers unique challenges. Each client’s personal taste and individual needs come into play when organizing space. At Capacity has experience organizing kitchens, closets, bedrooms, bathrooms, garages, basements, attics … virtually any standard room type found in a home. Additionally At Capacity has experience with “specialty rooms” including playrooms, craft rooms (knitting, sewing, scrapbooking, arts, music etc …) and work benches including automotive & carpentry. If you want to take back control of any room in your home, please consider contacting At Capacity Professional Organizing Services.
Photo's and Memorabilia
At Capacity recognizes the personal nature and emotional attachment associated with these items and will handle your memorabilia with dignity and respect. From a process standpoint the approach is similar in terms of categorizing and sorting. Together we will find a balance between storing, displaying and protecting memorabilia. Photo’s offer unique challenges because the medium has changed considerably over time. At Capacity offers multiple options and resources to organize and digitize photos to meet your specific needs. 
Business Specialties
When considering “space” in business organizing, the primary consideration is asset placement as a means to improve workflow. The operational efficiency related to ease of access and streamlining processes are part of this equation. Additionally, having a well organized, uncluttered office or retail space creates a positive impression with your customers or clients. For expert assessment and assistance in organizing your business space, contact At Capacity Professional Organizing Services.