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Organizing Transitions

Transitions in life and business are focal points in time when a professional organizer may be needed. Transition means change, and even positive change, is stressful. When you have a transition, suddenly you need to address issues, usually on a deadline, that didn’t need attention in the past. At Capacity Professional Organizing Services, LLC has the expertise to assist you through difficult, joyful or just necessary transitions.

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Moving is noted as being the third most stressful event in one’s life. We pride ourselves on being able to minimize the stress associated with moves. One of our greatest strengths is helping you when you start the process by sorting through your items and helping you decide what to bring with you to your new home.

There are many stages to a conventional move including decluttering, staging the home for sale, pre-packing, final packing, the move itself and finally the un-packing and arranging of the new home. We can manage a move from beginning to end or can assist with any stage along the process. We have trusted resources that provide related services to a move such as realtors, moving companies, storage facilities, cleaning companies, donation organizations and junk removal. There’s an old adage that there are friends, good friends and then there are friends that will help you move. We can be the friend that helps you move.
The stages of a downsizing move are similar to a conventional move, but typically require more upfront planning and decluttering. These homes have typically been lived in for quite a long time and have accumulated a large amount of possessions. 
Change in Family Status
  • Consolidating Households
  • Getting Married
  • Having a baby
  • Having More Children
  • Divorce
  • Loss of loved one
  • Empty Nesters
Growing Children
As children grow through the different stages in life, their needs and interests change considerably affecting their space and organizing needs.  The playroom of a toddler, for example, may ultimately become the lounge space for a teenager with many transitions in between.  As a child enters school, they will need a space to study and store school materials and may need strategies to organize and manage their school work and daily activities.  A parent may need assistance with a young adult going off to college to ensure he or she is bringing everything that is needed and is set up comfortably in the dorm room.
Aging Parents
  • New caretaker role
  • Cleaning out parent’s home
  • Change of office space
  • Business expansion or growth